Carleton The ATLAS Group

Previous Analyses

Previous analyses that Carleton ATLAS group has contributed are outlined here.

ATLAS Forward Calorimeter Test Beam 2003

The ATLAS Forward Calorimeter (FCal) {link to the FCal construction webpage} is a calorimeter situated in the forward region of the detector (3 < |η| < 5). It is used to measure the energy of forward going jets and provide a good measurement of the missing transverse energy. In 2003 a test beam was performed on one of the final ATLAS FCal assemblies to measure its performance and response to electrons, pions, and muons.

The electromagnetic scale of the calorimeter (the conversion between the current read out of the electronics and energy for electromagnetic energy depositions) is set using the electron linearity data, shown in Figure 1. The difference from the best fit line, the residual, in Figure 2, demonstrates that the intrinsic response of the FCal to electrons at a wide range of energies (10 GeV to 200 GeV) is linear to within +-0.8%.